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Solutions, which does save time for you...

...since more than 11 years on the road to success

At Digitale Photographie GmbH, our pledge is to provide you with superior hardware and software for clinical imaging…along with the training, consulting, and support services to make imaging a valuable and integral component of your medical practice.

As the market leader for image database and imaging software MIRROR INC., Kirkland, Washington, USA, was looking for competent distributors for overseas markets.

Due to the reputation of our General Manager, Mr. Hans-Dieter Bertuch, being an excellent distributor for American computer systems for ophthalmology, first contacts in autumn 1995 led to a "letter of intend" in April 1996, followed by a distributor agreement for Germany.

October 7th, 1996, Digitale Photographie GmbH was founded in Munich and attested by a notary.

The very next day the first remarkable presentation took place on the Congress of Plastic Surgery in Cologne, Germany. The first step on the road to success..

In 1999 Canfield Clinical Systems, Fairfield, New Jersey, USA, took over the assets of the old MIRROR company.

Digitale Photographie GmbH is since Sept. 2010 no longer sole distributor for Germany, Austria, Switzerland. Existing customers will be supported as usual.

After more than 2 years developement (since Feb 2005) we now approached the surgical as well as the dental market with the new "videns™ product line".  Surgical loupe, lightweighted LED with outstanding quality - made in Switzerland - serves our customers.