30.01.2023 12:11:41

MIRROR™ PhotoFile - Advanced Image Management

"Simply the easiest and best software for medical image management and security!"

MIRROR™ PhotoFile keeps your medical images instantly accessible, yet regulatory-secure, powering your image use for documentation, communication, surgical planning or analysis. Nothing else is as comprehensive — or easy to use. With the industry-standard Mirror medical interface, patient chart structure and preconfigured diagnosis and procedure libraries, MIRROR™ PhotoFile is simply medical image management at its best.
MIRROR™ PhotoFile Features

  • Patient chart lets you look at all of a patient’s images on one screen, with scalable thumbnails for the most convenient viewing.

  • Compare images on-screen to track treatment progress and demonstrate surgical results.

  • The Loupe Tool lets you critically examine skin features to help target problem areas.

  • Advanced printing features let you print multiple images on a page, pull data from the patient chart, and more.

  • Export to PowerPoint® automates creation of presentations. Just select your images, then indicate preferences on the layout palette — and PhotoFile takes care of the rest. If you use PowerPoint, this is a must have feature.