MIRROR™ PhotoTools

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MIRROR™ PhotoTools
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MIRROR PhotoTools 

From tethered image capture for the most efficient workflow to image editing and annotation to highly specialized medical imaging functions such as asymmetry evaluation, PhotoTools helps you make the most of your clinical images. Physicians worldwide have discovered the benefits of utilizing PhotoTools to incorporate images into patient consultations, surgical planning, medical grand rounds, lectures and more.
  • Whiteboarding and labeling tools help you use images to communicate more effectively;
  • With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can remove color shifts and adjust image size and rotation for clean, professional before-and-after photos for use in patient consultations, PowerPoint presentations and casebooks;
  • Automatically measure calibrated distances, angles, areas and proportions for surgical planning and analysis;
  • The Fuji S2-Mirror direct interface allows you to capture images directly into a patient chart for the most efficient workflow;
  • The MIRROR PhotoTools module plugs into PhotoFile medical image management software to create a fully integrated solution. Features include tethered image capture, image overlay, color correction, orientation matching, layout board, labels, whiteboarding, consultation, presentation and measurement tools.
Licence:  1-Seat licence
 add. Network / price on request
Language:  English
Manual:  Yes; *.pdf file on CD
Patientchart:  Yes
Tethering  Yes (Fuji S2)
Userdefinable data fields:  Yes
Imageimport:  Yes
Loupe:  Yes
Comparison:  Yes
Patient Privacy:  Yes
ImageCheck™  Yes
Tools:  Yes
Colour correction
Match Orientation
Layout Board
Asymetry / Mirroring

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