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MIRROR™ PhotoFile

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(Bilddatei anzeigen) Part-No.: 120.200-1500
(Bilddatei anzeigen) MIRROR™ PhotoFile
(Bilddatei anzeigen "Price excl. VAT")  € 975,00
(Bilddatei anzeigen "Delivery Time")  4 Weeks
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PhotoFile Advanced Medical Image Management

Image management software is the central component of any effective imaging system. Whether using images for documentation, communication, surgical planning or analysis, it’s important to store and retrieve images as efficiently as possible. All MIRROR™ software is written with the busy medical practice in mind, delivering powerful tools and an elegant user interface that integrate well into a medical workflow.
(Bilddatei anzeigen) Licence:  1-Seat licence
(Bilddatei anzeigen) Language:  English
(Bilddatei anzeigen) Manual:  Yes; *.pdf file on CD
(Bilddatei anzeigen) Patient chart:  Yes
(Bilddatei anzeigen) userdefinable data fields:  Yes
(Bilddatei anzeigen) Image import:  Yes
(Bilddatei anzeigen) Loupe:  Yes
(Bilddatei anzeigen) Comparison:  Yes
(Bilddatei anzeigen) Patient Privacy:  Yes

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