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videns® Titanium Surgical Loupe System

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The videns® Titanium Surgical Loupe System  consists a completely modular structure.
The loupe system is a unique modular dental and surgical loupe system with an optional integrated protection, and many possibilities of additional equipment.

The system basis is a pure uncoated and light-weight Titanium frame. The Titanium framework carries the "One-click-on" -loupe unit, the protection shield, as well as the powerful LED head light and - if desired - the CCD Camera.

This modular structure offers the advantage to add optional components. Each part of the system is exchangeable in no time at all. If the user wants to change the magnification (higher/lower), the loupe exchange is done with a single movement within seconds. When additional equipment is desired, like an ergonomic powerful LED Head Light, or a CCD Colour Camera, it will be simply added

The Titanium Surgical Loupe System offers a flexible pupillar distance of the loupes. Adjusting is very easy and done in a short time with micro meter screws.

The Titanium Surgical Telescopes do not interfere with surgical masks, as they fit precisely between protective screen and nose pads without obstruction to wear and comfort. The protection screen is free from optical influences like shades or reflections of light. Due to small telescope size the view is not reduced and surrounding field control is ensured. The System can easily be cleaned under running water and disinfected.